Attributes of the Creator (God, Allah)

Attributes of the Creator (God, Allah)

We believe that the Creator’s love for humanity is indeed central to our faith. The Qur’an mentions Creator’s compassion and mercy 192 times, as opposed to Creator’s wrath, which is mentioned only 17 times.

Two of the Creator’s main attributes are the “Compassionate” and the “Merciful.” Both of these names denote Creator’s love and care for all creation. These are the two most often mentioned names of the Creator, since all but one of the 114 chapters in the Qur’an begin with “In the name of Creator, the Compassionate, the Merciful.”

The Qur’an cites 99 different names or attributes of the Creator, many of which also emphasise these characteristics, including “the Loving,” “the Giving,” “the Forgiving,” and “the Kind.”

This is a challenging issue for all religions that proclaim a belief in a Creator who is at once omnipotent and beneficent. We believe that the Creator tests people in different ways, through both hardship and ease. While the cause of suffering is not always evident, the way that people respond to difficulty is a test of their moral fibre. Responding to hardship with patience and fortitude is a virtue for which we believe a great reward is promised in this life and the afterlife.

Additionally, there may be a silver lining behind every difficulty.

For instance, major disasters often bring out the best in people, inspiring them to perform remarkable acts as they respond to their own or another’s hardship with compassion and courage and come to the aid of those in need. Muslims also take comfort in their belief that life doesn’t end after death.